Exploring the Details Around Children in Divorce Situations

Getting a divorce is a difficult and scary situation for many people, and even more so when there’s a child involved with the whole thing. How can you be sure that you’re doing everything that you can in order to take care of the details? What can you do in order to take care of your kids?

As you work directly with your Lawyer for Child Support Minneapolis, you are going to be exploring a variety of details around your situation and your needs. Here are some of the things that you

Custody Information

The custodial parent is the one that has the child most of the time – they’re the one who take on the majority of the responsibility (financial, academic, raising them, etc). While split custody (both parents get the child(ren) half of the time) is still a thing, it’s usually only if they live within the same town and it won’t disrupt the child’s educational experience.

Determining the custodial parent in a divorce is something that takes time and effort. In some situations, neither parent is given custody; so the child goes to a grandparent, uncle, or aunt instead. This will be determined between the court and, if necessary, Child Protective Services (CPS).


Visitation is dependent on the situation and what is necessary due to the circumstances around the divorce. Sometimes, families are only allowed to have supervised visitation, or they can only visit when they are in a public location. Visitation may also be during specific weekends or summertime – it all depends on the situations. If one parent ends up moving far away from the other, there may be some other details that need to be worked out around visitation and how it’s going to happen as well.

Child Support

Child support is directly related to who has the child(ren) for the majority of the time. The other parent is expected to make some sort of contribution to the child(ren) and their care, and that’s where child support comes into the whole thing. Unfortunately, United States Census statistics show that there are a lot of custodial parents that don’t get all (or any) of the child support that has been determined by the courts, so this could end up being somewhat of an uphill battle in the long run. Your lawyer and the court can assist you if you’re having issues getting the child support you need.

As you can see, there a number of concerns that you may need to sort out in order to ensure that you do things correctly and that you don’t miss out on anything. Take the time to talk to your lawyer, your soon to be ex-spouse (if it’s safe to do so) and your kids (if they can have a say). As you work out information and know what is best for everyone, you can be sure that you’ve got things in order when it comes time to go to court. (more…)

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