Divorce is difficult, especially when kids and assets are involved. There is likely an abundance of questions and thoughts running through your mind as you prepare to part ways with your spouse. Inevitably, the cost to get divorced is among the thoughts. Money doesn’t grow on trees, after all, and a split from a partner can mean a significant change in finances. There is little wonder why the cost to get a divorce is one that you ponder. Don’t worry because we’ll help you get a better understanding of the costs of a divorce here.

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The cost to get a divorce varies from one case to the next. There are many factors that determine the total costs to get a divorce. Will you hire a divorce lawyer orlando fl to handle the case? If so, this will add costs onto the case but it is a wise decision since it saves time and money later down the road. If the case is fairly simple, the divorce will cost less than a complex matter. Whether the divorce is non-contested or uncontested also impacts the cost. And, of course, the attorney chosen to represent you in court affects the overall costs of the proceedings.

Most people spend $500 – $5000 to hire an attorney to handle their divorce case. Again, the amount that your divorce will cost varies and has many factors that impact the rates. It is ideal to consult with a couple of attorneys to find your match and to get the best prices for your divorce. Remember, you want a lawyer that isn’t afraid to fight for you during this emotion-filled time, so that could require you to spend a bit more money when the day is done to hire the best lawyer.