Workers compensation insurance is available to all employees working at a job that has 2 employees or more on the payroll. This insurance pays for medical bills, rehabilitation services, and sometimes lost wages to an employee who is injured on the job. However, not every accident qualifies for workers comp insurance and to qualify, you must complete a few steps ahead of time. Read below to learn more about the insurance and how to ensure the coverage protects your financial interests after an on the job injury.

Read the Rules

Your employee handbook contains information that you need to know as an employee, including details about workers comp and the proper steps to take to file a claim. You must immediately notify the employer of the injury and complete paperwork to file a claim, but mending your injuries is the first and most important step to take.

Complete the Paperwork

Time limits are in place for completing the workers compensation insurance. If you fail to complete the paperwork within this time frame, your claim may be denied and you may need to call a workers compensation attorney oregon to file an appeal. Follow the guidelines in place and file the paperwork for your claim on a timely basis.

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Drug Testing

Employees who are injured on the job are subject to a drug and alcohol urinalysis. If either of these tests show positive results, your claim for insurance protection is usually denied and you may lose your position with the company. All employees must take the testing after an injury if they plan to file a workers comp claim.

Workers compensation insurance coverage gives employees one less thing to worry about as they complete the duties of their job. With the information above, you know what to do to file a claim and stay protected as an employee of the company.